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It occurred to me that there may be folks wondering if they should try crowdfunding, or wondering what kind of project to attempt.  That got me thinking about what kinds it would be nice to have more of.  

There are tons of people writing fiction but some niches still under-served.  A handful of us writing poetry, more would be good.  A handful doing character icons, good ... but I haven't seen anyone who currently does more than a single character per icon or who specializes in non-character icons like houses or starships.  There used to be an illustration project that sketched scenes from other people's work, with donation thresholds for working more on the most popular sketches.  A few music ones have come and gone.  Oodles of people draw webcomics, but there's not much of that activity here.  I know at least one fine art photographer into crowdfunding; more would be awesome.  I'm also very partial to nonfiction and would love to see more folks trying that in this business model.

What kinds of crowdfunding project would you like to see, or see more of?  What have you toyed with trying but haven't done yet?
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[livejournal.com profile] mizkit, a professional author I like who has run a couple of successful crowdfunding campaigns, has another running right now. Her LJ post today about the author's side of things seemed like it might be of interest to the group. How hard do you push? How do you get the word out to those who might be interested without driving others away? Questions without clear answers.

(The current project, The Redeemer Chronicles, is for a novel described as a cross between Rosie the Riveter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's an ensemble cast urban fantasy centered on a WWII-era pinup girl. With some socio-economic subtext thrown in.)
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This month's Creative Jam was incredibly active.  I think it's our liveliest yet!  We had 8 prompters, 7 people writing fills, and 100 comments.  Woohoo!  Thanks to everyone who participated.

If there was something different that worked for you this past weekend, please let us know so that we can try to repeat it.
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Hello! I haven't done a web serial in probably five years, but I was thinking it might be a good way to get some traffic on my website and also maybe make money writing things I actually enjoy.

I was thinking about starting with the "post once a week and if donations reach X amount I'll update twice a week" model but I'm not sure whether that's the best way to go. Do y'all think this is a good idea? Is there something else you'd recommend more?

Also I looked at setting up a donate button on paypal and it talks about being an actual charity. I know I'm unlikely to reach the $10k or whatever threshhold but is there any other way to set up a "pay what you like" model with Paypal? I can't seem to find it if there is.
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I have opened up feedback on my two potential upcoming serials:

Working-joke-title Steam!Goats (A steampunk setting in a universe featuring goats as a primary mode of transportation) - A boarding-school story involving steam, magic, and teenagers.
Question post here.

Working-joke-title With a Gladiator on Top (A kink setting still very up in the air)
Question Post here

The questions, in short:
What are the top three things you'd like to see in such a serial?

What would you LEAST want to see in that story?

What setting would you like for such a story?
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This community has an archive of useful posts in the Memories.  I also have a lot of resources gathered in the Crowdfunding section of my website.  I'd like to write about crowdfunding as part of [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw ... and I've covered all the topics that have caught my attention so far.  Are there things you'd like to discuss that aren't already featured in either of the above archives?
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I've posted a poll about the Rose & Bay Awards, discussing whether or not people should be allowed to nominate and/or vote for their own work.
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Crowdfunding is a business model that allows ordinary people to pool their resources to make things happen. Cyberfunded creativity is a branch of crowdfunding that connects creative people directly with their audiences online to release materials outside the conventional publishing processes. Within those parameters exist a great many different types of project. Here's a look at some that have appeared, particularly in [community profile] crowdfunding  and the Crowdfunding community on LiveJournal.

cyberbusking -- a music project in which the creator makes and/or performs songs, usually available for download in MP3 or other audio files, sometimes done via streaming broadcast. People may buy individual songs or whole albums, sponsor songs for publication, and/or just tip for the project in general.

fest -- a group activity centered around creative material. Various things are included under the general "fest" concept, usually some kind of creation and exchange of writing and/or artwork. It may or may not involve money. Also known as a festival.

fishbowl -- a traditional exercise in which someone does an activity in front of an audience, while the audience makes suggestions or analytical comments. In a writing or art class, this is typically done by seating one or a few people at the front of the room to work while the rest of the class observes; ideas or observations may be recorded on the blackboard. In cyberfunded creativity, this has been adapted to a live writing or art activity online, usually hosted on a blog, where audience members post ideas and the creator makes something using those ideas.

free art day -- an activity in which an artist makes pictures without charge, usually running between 12 and 24 hours. It often includes a call for prompts, with perks focused on upgrading the refinement or size of the pictures.

fundraising drive -- a project hosted on a hub site, such as Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, which manages donations with a specific goal and end date. There are customarily perks for different levels of donation.

giraffe call -- the name for Aldersprig's fiction activity, which involves calling for prompts and then writing short bits of fiction. It derives from an earlier fundraiser for a giraffe-patterned carpet to go in Aldersprig's new home, and from the Hollywood term "cattle call" for actors seeking a part.

jam session -- a crowdfunding activity with lots of creators and prompters working together. Sometimes they collaborate on the same item; other times they work on different items. A given piece may inspire another, as when a prompt leads to a picture that inspires a story. Some items are usually posted free, while others are available for sponsorship.

Muse Fusion -- a crowdfunding activity focused on the shared-world setting Torn World, held in the community [profile] torn_world. Anyone may leave prompts, which Torn World creators use as inspiration for stories, poems, artwork, etc. Some items are usually posted free, while others are available for sponsorship.

one-card draw -- a divination activity in which the audience may ask questions and receive readings based on a single card, rune, or other tool selected from a larger set. The usual format offers the one-card reading for free, while more elaborate readings are available at a set price.

periodical -- a project that comes out at specific intervals. Some webzines have a monthly or quarterly publication, like magazines; some other projects are weekly, like certain newspaper features. In crowdfunding context, these may hold fundraisers to pay for a certain number of issues, or they may use donation buttons on individual items as a way of paying contributors.

serial -- a project created in installments, posted piece-by-piece over time. Webfiction and webcomics often appear as serials. The serial form is quite old, but had fallen out of fashion for a long time, until cyberspace revived it. Now it is rapidly gaining popularity again. Also known as webserial.

swap -- an activity usually aimed at promotion or community building rather than money, this involves making fiction, art, or other creative material for each other. Sometimes an artist and writer are paired to make related works. Other times writers are set up to write in each other's settings, or artists are assigned to draw each other's characters. This can also encourage audiences to cross over and look at different projects.

tutorial -- explanation of how to do something, or how something was made. This can be done in text and/or pictures, sometimes video or audio. Arts and crafts lend themselves well to step-by-step instructions, but any process can be described that way. A tutorial of a popular item is sometimes offered as a perk, but other times people will ask for a tutorial and be willing to sponsor it. Nonfiction crowdfunding projects are uncommon, but some that exist are there to teach people how to do things. Also known as how-to.

Can you think of other project types not listed here? Feel free to share those in a comment.

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 I have posted a followup discussion about the Crowdfunding Creative Jam over on LiveJournal.
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Folks seem to like the idea of hosting a creative jam where everyone can play and anything goes in terms of medium. Let's discuss some further parameters.  (This discussion also has a version on LiveJournal.)

Each session will have a theme of some kind so as to give people a starting point. Themes are being collected on the original post. You can suggest a favorite cause, something that's underserved by the mainstream, something you think will have widespread appeal, quirky concepts, whatever you want. There will be a theme poll on Monday. Currently my plan is to offer a question with checkboxes (mark all the ones you would participate in) and a question with radioboxes (mark the theme you'd like to feature first).

We need to decide some aspects of timing:
* How often should the creative jam happen? [profile] stryck suggests once a month.
* When should sessions happen? I suggested the last day of each month as a possibility, which gives different days of the week and doesn't conflict with an established project. Conversely, we might consider picking a Monday or Tuesday, which tend to be high-traffic days for blogging, the way the Poetry Fishbowl is typically on the first Tuesday of each month.
* How long should each session run? [profile] stryck suggests a 24-hour period from noon to noon, similar to Sketch Fest. Torn World's Muse Fusion has a weekend span.

Ideally, we'll reach parameters for timing that maximize the number of people who can participate, both as prompters and as creators. Nobody is expected to participate in every session; you can pick and choose based on your interest in the themes and/or your schedule availability. The goal is to attract a large enough pool of people that we can cycle through different folks over time and still have a good level of activity each session.

Since this community is all about crowdfunding, we should cover that too. Probably some creators will want to post a free sample, so that the audience has something to enjoy. Likewise many creators will want to make some items available for sponsorship in various ways. (If you don't want to post a whole item for free, consider an excerpt such as the beginning of a story or detail of a picture.) Do we want those posted in comments/replies under the jam session post, as new posts within the community, as new posts on the creator's site, etc.? If items are posted elsewhere, they should at least be linked from comments/replies under the jam session post so that they're easier to find.

Another crowdfunding aspect is that there are lots of established projects with unique characters, settings, etc. Some of those have relatively open participation (like the shared-world Torn World) while others are the work of one person. If creators want to do something from one of their own settings, or prompters want to request something from a favorite project, those are welcome along with new or one-shot items. The Muse Fusion has a rule that prompters aren't allowed to request a specific creator for their prompts. Do we want to instate that rule for our creative jam too?

Most projects have perks, sometimes different ones for individual supporters vs. collective audience. Some creators will probably use their favorite perks. Do we want to consider some kind of collective perk, maybe based on activity level -- number of creators participating, number of prompters participating, number of items posted, etc.?

A followup post after each session would be helpful, though it's not required. Those take some work to compile, but they make it easier to track progress and look at all the goodies. If someone would like to volunteer for this, please speak up. I may not have time for it myself.

What do we want to call this? I used "panjam" and "creative jam" in my original post. "Crowdfunding Creative Jam" would be a little more specific to the community. Other suggestions are also welcome.

Do we want an icon to advertise the project? Both the Poetry Fishbowl and Muse Fusion have session icons, and the Crowdfunding community has a variety of "Crowdfunding" icons. Once we've picked a name, artists and other icon makers could devise some possibilities that people could use, and we could vote on an "official" one.

If you have other ideas, suggestions, questions, etc. then please speak up. In particular, think of the projects you host and/or support, to see if they do things that might be helpful here.


What should this project be called?
- Crowdfunding Creative Jam
- Creative Jam
- PanJam

Which of the 15 themes would you participate in? (checkboxes)
Which theme do you most want to do first? (radiobuttons)

How long should each session run?
- 24 hours, from noon to noon
- 48 hours
- weekend, Friday night to Monday morning

When should each session run?
- last day(s) or weekend of the month
- third Monday or weekend of the month
- some other time, consistent each month
- some other time, flexible each month

Working from prompts, should creators be REQUIRED to post at least an excerpt free?
- Yes
- No

Working from prompts, should creators be REQUIRED to share the resulting material with the prompter?
- Yes
- No

Where should creative material resulting from prompts appear?
- Entire content pasted directly into a reply to the prompt under the main post.
- Only an excerpt in a reply to the prompt, linking to full content elsewhere on Crowdfunding.
- Only an excerpt in a reply to the prompt, linking to full content elsewhere on creator's site.
- Separate message on Crowdfunding, linked in reply to prompt (no excerpt).
- Separate message on creator's site, linked in reply to prompt (no excerpt).

Should there be a time limit for creating work based on a claimed prompt?
- No, creativity takes however long it takes.
- Yes, one hour.
- Yes, one day.
- Yes, one week.
- Yes, some other timeframe.

May creators treat someone else's prompt response as a new prompt (i.e. sketch inspiring story)?
- Yes
- No

May prompters request a specific creator?
- No, all prompts must be general enough for any creator to use anywhere.
- Yes, but everyone else may still use that prompt if they wish.
- Yes, and only the named person may claim that prompt to post results.

May prompts specify a particular character, world, etc.?
- No, all prompts must be general enough for any creator to use anywhere.
- Yes, but creators may use the prompt for something else anyway and post those results.
- Yes, and creators must use the particulars specified in order to post their results.

How many people may make use of the same prompt?
- Only the first creator to claim the prompt, for maximum spread of creators over prompts.
- Everyone who wants to use it, for maximum flexibility of creator choice in inspiration.
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I'm hosting a discussion of my serial poetry and have subsequently posted an overview of poetic series that includes a poll about people's favorite ones. The Poetry Fishbowl project has been running for almost four years now, and most of the series listed were generated there. If you want to observe the creator/audience interaction of an established project, now is a good opportunity.


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