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The 2013 Holiday Poetry Sale is now open. Everything from the December 2012-November 2013 fishbowls -- plus stuff from other sources such as the Creative Jam, Muse Fusion, and bingo fests -- is half-price this week.
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The May Muse Fusion is now open. May is Sea Monster Month in Torn World, so we're especially looking for prompts about any of our marine megafauna. But other prompts are welcome too!
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Next weekend, starting March 24th, we will hold the next Torn World Muse Fusion over at the Torn World LiveJournal Community

So, you might ask, just what is a Muse Fusion?

It’s a fishbowl event, but with multiple creators doing multiple kinds of creation. In response to your prompts, we might create short stories, drabbles, flash fiction, myths, metafiction, sketches, paintings, digital art, poetry, or something else! Everything will be set in or inspired by Torn World

We’ve seen monsters, cute kittens, tender courting scenes, children playing, unexplained disasters, and lots more during our Muse Fusions.

Our creators typically offer one whole finished piece for free, and I’ve started posting a snippet of anything I write, finished or not. Each creator has control of how and when they share their work, but I’m going to encourage others to share excerpts of their works in progress too. You might see a few sentences of a bit of flash fiction, part of a scene of a longer short story, or the chorus of a song. Artists can share their rough sketches or a detail excerpted from a larger work.

What can you do?
  • Leave us prompts -- just about anything can be a prompt. A word, theme, or title. A character you'd like to see more of. A photograph or question. One of my series over at Torn World came from someone asking to see how the gender reforms affected a family--thus, Dini, Lalya, and Filor were created. You can ask for romance or science, sea monsters or butterflies!
  • Boost the signal. Mention us (the site and/or the Muse Fusion event) on your blog, facebook, twitter, or other places you frequent.
  • Comment! Discussions about prompts are welcome, as are comments on snippets/details posted. I also hear, regularly, how pleased creators are to get new comments on work already published on Torn World. If you have a favorite character or storyline, a comment left at Torn World this weekend can help inspire a story next weekend!
  • Tip if you have the money and are so inclined. You can tip individual creators either in Torn World credits or directly. You can also use the “donate” button at the bottom of the torn world site to support our support administrative costs (such as running our website) and to fund future advertising.
  • After you leave a few prompts, stop by again to see what's been posted, or use Live Journal's "track this" function to be notified of new comments.
If you’ve been thinking about “writing or arting” (as Ellen says) at Torn World, now is a great time to sign up—we have some lively discussions of invasive species in two different areas of Torn World going on in our creators’ forums, including one mostly undeveloped area.

P.S. The April Muse Fusion will start Friday April 20th!
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New Torn World contest announced! http://www.tornworld.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=944

New creators welcome.

Subscribers to Torn World receive Torn World credits, that they award directly to creators, often sponsoring particular writing or art to make them visible to the public on the Torn World site. Sponsors can also buy additional credits or donate directly to Torn World creators. In addition, Torn World is affiliated with EMG Publishing, and has one anthology and a coloring book out to date, which are earning royalties for the creators involved in each book.

For more information, check us out at www.tornworld.net or feel free to ask here.
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 The September 2011 Muse Fusion is open over on Torn World. Please drop by and leave us prompts, talk with other Torn World fans, and watch for the cool stuff to show up. We do art, poetry, fiction, all kinds of different things. You don't have to be a Torn World member to leave prompts -- everyone can play. Come ask for what you'd like to see more of.


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