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I'm Jordanna, and I create charm jewelry featuring anime characters. (Along with a few game and cartoon fandoms as well.) I've been meaning to post to this community for a while, and since I just re-photographed my inventory after a convention this past weekend, I figured now would be a good time. :)

My main item is bracelets, but I also make decorative beaded fobs that can be clipped onto pretty much anything: keychains, backpacks/purses, cellphones, flash drives, etc. (In fact, I started out by making fobs for my mother's quilting group to attach to scissors. From there it was only logical to apply my talents to what I loved, and start making anime jewelry.)

If you're a fan, or perhaps getting an early start on Christmas stocking stuffers, by all means have a look!

Bracelets ($10):
Adventure Time | Attack on Titan | Avengers | Black Butler | Bleach | Blue Exorcist | Dangan Ronpa | Death Note | Fairy Tail | Free! (series) | Fullmetal Alchemist | Hatsune Miku | Kill La Kill | Kuroko's Basketball | Madoka Magica | My Neighbor Totoro | Sailor Moon | Sonic the Hedgehog | Sword Art Online | Vampire Knight

Chain Bracelets ($15):
Card Captors | Death Note | Fullmetal Alchemist | Hatsune Miku | My Neighbor Totoro

Fobs ($10)
Attack on Titan | Avengers | Dangan Ronpa | Death Note | Fairy Tail | Free! (series) | Fullmetal Alchemist | Hatsune Miku | Inuyasha | Naruto | Sailor Moon | Sword Art Online | Vampire Knight

Bracelets are roughly 7-7½ inches long, with a one-inch extender chain. Fobs are in the range of 5-6 inches.

If you'd like to buy something pictured above, send me a PM for details. (Please refer to the item you want by fandom and number, since I haven't been able to see all of those anime, and don't always know character names.) Paypal is my preferred payment method; Dreamwidth points are an alternative option. Or, if anyone here is an artist who would care to draw "Fullmetal Alchemist", I would also be interested in trading my work for fanart commissions.

I'm more than happy to create custom orders, as well. If you're interested in a fandom or character (or even a non-fannish subject) that you don't see here, just drop me a note. If I can obtain charms of the subject, I can make it!

For the record, I'm still very much developing my business. This past weekend was only my second convention (and not a great one; walking in to learn the artist alley had been lumped into the video-game room was not cool). I'm not really able to travel beyond my city for cons, and at this stage, I can only afford the table fees at small ones. Being an extremely shy and introverted person also makes it difficult for me to market my products. :Þ I enjoy creating jewelry, though, and I'm hopeful for future opportunities. Needless to say, if anyone here likes my work and gives it some support, it will help me keep working at moving up to bigger and better things.
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Native American Women Warriors have submitted an application to serve as the color guard for the Presidential Inauguration -- representing women, veterans, and tribal people so that's three groups often sidelined. They're holding a fundraiser to cover expenses if they're approved.

The creative part? They want to make new regalia for the special occasion, as well as funding their travel/lodging costs. Look at what they're wearing in the pictures. That kind of outfit is stupendously beautiful and creative. Looks like sewing and beadwork, though I can't tell whether or not there's quilling too -- different people use different crafts in their regalia. This would be a fine opportunity to get some eyeballs on traditional crafts that don't get much public exposure, on an occasion where a whole country will be watching.
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  This is a good example of charity crowdfunding, where the crafter is taking donations to buy supplies.
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One of my patrons wants to commission a set of scrapbooked poems from me; we're currently working out the details. This is something on my list of options for the Poetry Fishbowl. It got me thinking that folks here might enjoy seeing some examples of my work. Here is the little blurb from my Poetry Fishbowl Landing Page.

I can render a chosen poem in hardcopy format, on colorful paper, using archival materials for background and any embellishments. This will be suitable for framing or for adding to a scrapbook. Most poems fit on one page; a few turn into spreads of two or three pages. I use scrapbook paper, both patterned and plain. Embellishments include stickers, rub-on decals, paper punches, and borders of contrasting paper cut with decorative scissors. If you want specific colors, you can ask and I'll see what I've got in stock. Autograph available upon request. See samples:
"Where Have All the Heroes Gone / Different Gifts & others"
"Autumn's Daughter & Chance Process"

Scrapbooked poems typically cost $5-$10 per page. $5 would cover poems I can print out onto a single matching sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" paper, or plain paper embellished with stickers or simple cutouts. $10 would cover poems that require more complicated cutting and piecing, laser cuts/stickers I have to buy special, premium paper like metallic or handmade stuff, and 12" x 12" pages. Most poems could go either way, depending on how fancy a page you want. Some are an obvious match for easy-to-find paper (I can usually find leaf frames, flower frames, etc.) and others are just so exotic that I have to do a lot of piecing or stickering to make the presentation match the poem's content. Add postage for mailing in a cardboard envelope, usually $1-2.

If you're interested in buying a scrapbook page, contact me and we'll discuss details.
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When you first join this community, please make an introductory post telling folks who you are and what you do.

Alrighty. :)

Are you a creative person, a donor, or both?

I'd like to be both, but for now I'm here as a creative person. And a seeker of advice.

What kind of goods or services do you offer?

Right now all I have are the things at my Etsy shop. Crocheted scrunchies, hats, and drawstring bags, and inside-decorated Moleskines, for people who dig places like [community profile] paperjournals and [ profile] jr__nal but either that sort of decorating isn't their thing, or they don't want to stop to decorate each page. With my Moleskines you can just keep writing and have some kind of decor on every page--though you might want to switch writing instruments here and there.

Two things I'm gathering materials for but don't have the space for right now (and I'm getting ready to move from Fort Wainwright to Fort Drum so even the the zillion crocheted things I've made lately haven't gone up because they'll be shipped with my household goods and I don't know when I'll get them. The things at my Etsy shop will be brought with me in my luggage, though, so those are available for purchase any time) are Large Bead Tapestries, which will be beads made from halved toilet paper rolls that've been covered in cloth or sprayed with metallic spray paint (or both, there are lots of things I can cover them with), and string them together like part of a beaded bracelet, and those will be wall hangings. (I would appreciate if no one else grabbed onto this, 'cause I'm rather proud of it.)

Another thing I'm gathering is Frappucino bottles to make jar candles with, and I'll be experimenting with scents and colors--they won't all be coffee-colored and I took all the stickers off anyway. (This one has been done by all sorts of people in all sorts of ways so I don't mind if anyone uses this idea. I may have come up with it in a vacuum but surely others have too.)

Also, paper beads, though I'm not sure whether to sell them in packs as beads or as already-made jewelry items. Suggestions?

What I'd like to do is have a booth at the Fort Drum post exchange during the holidays, and I'll be looking up prices as soon as we arrive (hopefully this month!), so I'd ask for help setting that up once I had the info, but here's where I ask for advice--how do you think I should go about soliciting donations? Donate $5, get a scrunchie, donate 10, get a coin purse, donate $20, get a hat? 'Cause I can do that, and even take custom orders regarding color. Once I start the other projects I can give out those, too. (And if you want to go ahead and donate now, the PayPal email address is

What kind do you like to read or view?

I like the creative people that have increasingly cool gifts to go with increased donations. It's always more fun to get not just the warm fuzzy feeling of helping a struggling artist (or in my case, a broke-but-not-poor junior enlisted army wife :P) but something that struggling artist made. For example, I want to donate to this lady because the stuff she's offering is cool and useful. :)

Why do you like crowdfunded creativity?

Because the first world totally needs micro-lending too! And it's nice to give the big banks the big finger (or two fingers, depending on your region). ;)

Apologies for my rambling. Nice to meet y'all!
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My friend Natasiakith finished a set of beaded runes as a crowdfunding project.  The patterns are available online; donations are encouraged but not required.  If you enjoy beadwork and/or you work with runes, this is well worth a look.  


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