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[personal profile] magibrain has a bingo card generator for creative inspiration.  You can use this to make customized cards using your favorite motifs, which you can play in [community profile] allbingo if you wish.  The menu offers a whole bunch of premade prompt lists for plot, characterization, setting, etc. and there are also lists for non-writing things like music and art.  (Some of these are ones that I made, which have been uploaded for everyone to enjoy.)  Click the list(s) you want and the prompts appear in a box so you can edit them.  You can also put in your own lists from scratch.  The generator then produces a card complete with image and code.

This project now has a donate button at the bottom of the page.  If you find the tool useful, please consider tipping the codewriter.  

I think that the bingo card generator is a terrific addition to the "Other Project" category of crowdfunding.  It's also one of several things I've seen recently that come from people writing code for fun to produce things helpful to other creative folks.  This is a trend I'd like to see flourishing.  Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are already influences in the programming field.  If we encourage this by promoting, using, and sponsoring the projects then we'll have a higher chance  of getting more goodies.
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Goal-Fish is a new site offering a customizable to-do list by [personal profile] shoaling_souls. It has categories, such as chores and fun, with constraints (day/night, indoor/outdoor, current pain level, cost of supplies, etc.) for available tasks. Once you ask it for a task, it presents a simple description, and you can open detailed instructions if you wish. Learn more here.

The site is optimized for people with assorted physical or mental limitations, so it has a high accessibility rating, but anyone can use it. If you have trouble with choice-paralysis or time management, Goal-Fish looks like a more effective solution than some of the simple to-do prompters already extant. So if you have friends with those kinds of challenges, pass the word.

This is a crowdfunded project. Your donations keep the site going. It's a distraction-free zone with no ads, so donations are the only income. Anyone can use the site free, and access the generic features without an account. Registering is free and lets you add some of your own categories and tasks.  So for instance you could make art or writing tasks.  Donations allow you to add even more categories and tasks.
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An aspect of crowdfunding has been suggested as a way to draw revenue for Dreamwidth, which would also reward bloggers for producing popular content.  I would REALLY like to see this implemented.  Please go vote for this!
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Pirate Bay offers the Promo Bay, where you can get your free stuff promoted in several countries.  For those of you who feel that copyright has outlived its usefulness and that information should be free, here's a chance to put your products where your morals are.

I'll be keeping an eye out to see if any new hits, bestsellers, superstars, etc. emerge from this exercise in alternative distribution.


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