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The Musical Hat Draw sale closes in just under over 12 hours, as I write this. If you've been intending to sponsor some music but haven't gotten around to it, now would be a good time to do so.
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If you remember the group songbook Rise Up Singing, check out the sequel Rise Again.
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This article looks at crowdfunding music and related expenses. Some crowdfunding projects are more successful than others; some people are better at raising money. But one thing seems consistently true: you can't take the exact model from conventional publishing and drop it straight into crowdfunding. That doesn't work very well. You need to design a business plan that works with your fundraising method and the available amount of money.

As for putting money back into a business? I so wish. I know that's the most effective way to build a business, but pretty much all the money I make from crowdfunding goes straight into basic living expenses.
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Catherine Faber is exploring ways to do crowdfunded music. There are lots of lyrics getting posted. If you like a given set of lyrics, you can chip in to fund a tune. The songs that prove most popular with the audience are more likely to get performed and eventually put on an album.

Check out the lyrics "A Matter of the Heart," inspired by my poem "Follow Your Heart" (from the March 20, 2012 fishbowl, currently unsponsored). It's a lovely meditation on how deities and followers resonate with each other, relating to my poetic series Path of the Paladins.

I think this is a cool project. I like filk music, and the idea of crowdfunded filk is really exciting. I'd enjoy seeing songs about some of my other favorite projects too.
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These crowdfunded music projects caught my attention:

Karla Adolphe Solo Album-Graceland & Graveyards
An album devoted to the process and journey of grief.
$6,320 raised of $7,500 goal, 29 days left

Konteh Kunda School of Music
Help us build a music school that will preserve culture, empower musicians, and improve lives in Gambia, West Africa.
$5,365 raised of $10,000 goal, 28 days left

StormMiguel Florez
Transsexual Zombie Music Video by a real life transsexual!
$1,970 raised of $6,000 goal, 27 days left

Festival of magick-based music and dance
$1,155 raised of $3,000 goal, 5 days left

The Mechanisms - 'Once Upon A Time In Space'
A steampunk cabaret space-folk band looking to record and produce our first album
$1,177 of $1,500 goal, 90 days left
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March is National Music in Our Schools Month. This is a good opportunity for crowdfunding projects that involve music, whether or not they are also involved with education. If you've been thinking about launching a music project, go for it! Do you know of someone else who crowdfunds music? Promote musical activities in comments to this post.
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March will be "National Music in Our Schools Month," which is the closest I could find to a general music-related month. This is a good opportunity to plan ahead if you are thinking about launching a musical crowdfunding project. You can also recommend musical projects that you support as a fan or patron. Feel free to comment here with your ideas or questions.
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My friend Mishie tipped me to this fascinating project. There's a blog post, "Music for the New Year," and a Kickstarter project page, "Run On Sentence CSM." There are videos of a different songs so that you can get an idea of what the music is like.

The CSM stands for Community Supported Music, inspired by Community Supported Agriculture. A $10 basic membership gets you a new, previously unreleased song delivered to your email each month -- cheaper than most albums. Higher donation levels get extra goodies. Currently the project is at $2,073 pledged of its $2,500 goal, with 17 days left. It seems likely to make its goal, so we should get an example of this crowdfunding model in action. That would be both awesome and useful.

I'm deeply intrigued by this adaptation of the CSA model to creative endeavors. In this version, it's using online access to attract a wide audience, which is fine; that has great potential for other crowdfunders who have an established audience and might like to experiment with this kind of share structure. However, I suspect that it could also be done locally -- people in a given town supporting local bands, maybe even artists or poets or other creative folks.

What would it be like if you could get a copy of the live recording from each local performance, or a discount on a performance at your place once a year, backstage passes, maybe a meet-the-musician party? What would it be like if you could get copies of all the poems written about your town, its people and businesses, and the chance to have a custom poem written once a year, and see your poet livewriting at the county fair, and go to a poetry reading followed by a discussion in your local bookstore? What would it be like if you could get screensaver images of a local artist's paintings of your town and neighbors, a discount on portraits, a chance to win a free original, invitations to an artist jam in a nearby park? I think this has lots of opportunity to get people involved in local activities and facetime interactions between creative folks and audiences.
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The dance clips are now online for the crowdfunded bellydance project.  There are 5 video clips, each about 1 minute long. The clip that gets the most "Likes" on YouTube will get extended to dance the entire song.  A tip jar is available -- give the dancer some spendable applause if you can.
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Some friends and I got to talking about how bellydance could be done as a crowdfunded project, and this is the result. Naturally when I saw the call for prompts, I went upstairs and asked [profile] my_partner_doug to help me find some Cecil Taylor on iTunes, and we spent 20 minutes picking out a tune that would be both challenging and danceable. I know I've got some folks in my audience who are into bellydancing, so go see if the prompt call is still open -- [profile] mikalay is going to do a set of 5 songs, one minute of dancing to each. Then people will get to vote on which song gets danced in full. Tips are welcome but not required.

I think this project idea is really, really cool. I can hardly wait to see the videos!
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[personal profile] filkertom is working on a new album, donations welcome. Yay, funny music and crowdfunding!
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I've been out of touch with a lot lately due to RL and extremely heavy and stressful workloads. I've got a 2 week vacation now and look forward to catching up on the reading I've missed out, as well as my own art.

It's frustrating when our own art suffers isn't it? For those of you who crowdfund actively (I'm mostly passive) and especially are trying to make something of a living from it I can imagine it's really frustrating.

One of the things that has been keeping me going in recent weeks is a newly discovered artist, SamRB. I caught her when she was busking on Queen Street. I stepped out to grab our mail and she was busking. I listened for a few brief minutes while waiting for the pedestrian light to change and really liked her sound. I looked for her online when I got home and have fallen in love with her tunes and voice. I've seen her a couple times busking since then and have subscribed to the feeds on her Busking Blog. There's something special about buying a cd straight from the artist's fingers while she's out playing!

Those of you who busk: 3 suggestions for you ---
(1) pick a location not only where there are a lot of people but ideally where you'll get a captive audience (if there are lines that form, people waiting for lights to cross an intersection, etc)

(2) make sure you've got a large card with your name and facebook/web address on it displayed in your case. If you have business cards, put some of them there too (maybe rig a clip on top so you don't have to worry about people reaching into your case where your money is). Even if someone doesn't have time to write down or remember your address, if you've got a unique enough name they can Google you and find you if they catch a bit of your music and enjoy it.

(3) have at least a couple different places online to point to your site, ideally with at least a sample of your music for people to listen to. Even if you don't upload every song and all of a song, put a couple quality demos up so if someone is debating getting your album then you've got something to persuade them.

And now, a request on behalf of a fellow Crowdfunder, the one I've just written about. She isn't on DW or LJ so I hope it's ok that I post on her behalf. SamRB plays at markets and busks in Auckland (New Zealand).

She could use our help. Please vote for her to win a scholarship to cut a second album. You can listen to some of her music at her Facebook or her Myspace.

I really like all her songs, but especially One Day, Book Covers and Seems I Might Be Human. Her songs have been helping me get through some of the really tough days I've had lately.

She's at 234 votes, where some people are over 2000. Voting goes until 17 July (one person, one vote). I've seen people come together to help strangers on the internet before so I know this isn't impossible. Please vote for her. If you have a few extra moments and are touched by her songs, please share the link on your Facebook pages, journals and ask friends & family to vote for her too.

You can find 2 demo songs that would be on the new album: here. Do yourself a favour, go listen to them. Especially "If I Could". You get a good idea of her voice on that one. Both songs were recorded on her laptop at home and the quality is amazing.

Her current album, Seems I Might Be Human, is available for download at her iTunes, her Amplifier if you really enjoy her music and want a copy.

I'm at DW and LJ, so I'll crosspost this to both of the communities. I know there's some overlap so I apologise if you see this twice.

Thank you!


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