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I'm selling a number of 3000-word (and potentially longer!) short science fiction/fantasy stories or scenes, inspired by prompts, for $30 each. These funded scenes will become part of the Shared Worlds canon, and the first ten purchased scenes will each be accompanied by a sketch by Oakland-area artist Davin Yant. The purchaser will receive the original sketch on a postcard.

This will raise funds for the Foundations educational system, a San Francisco Bay Area group focused on community-building, personal development, education, and safety within the Alternative Sexuality and Diverse Genders and Sexualities communities.

Read more and purchase a prompt here!

I had a lot of fun with the Shared Worlds prompt call when I did it, and I'm looking forward to what will come from this fundraiser.
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Just came across this project, via Project Gutenberg. It's a Kickstarter that's not just for entertainment!

Library For All is attempting to create a digital library of educational materials for the developing world. They're helping to build physical schools which will have internet access and cheap tablet e-readers. The idea is to level the playing field (or at least move towards a more level playing field). To give kids up-to-date and clearly legible textbooks, access to stories and creative works, and a hands-on understanding of technologies many of us take for granted.

Oh, and pledges are tax deductible.
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This month, boycott the commercial entertainment industry. Buy your books, music, movies, and other goodies from independent producers. Support crowdfunding and other alternatives to the corporate economy. There is a banner for this on my LJ scrapbook.

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Romance Writers Association has officially come out as homophobic and discriminatory, banning same-sex romances from their contest.  Okay, anyone who makes a contest can make up the rules for it.  But it's more than a little counterproductive for a genre  based organization to cut out part of its own content, just because it makes some people "uncomfortable."  You know what makes me uncomfortable?  Bigotry.  That's as romantic as a knee in the crotch.

A good way to express such disapproval is with a boycott and a round of Poke a Bigot in the Eye.  Instead of writing and reading a het romance, write or read a queer one instead.  Instead of giving money to RWA for dues or anything else, take the same amount and put it somewhere queer.  

Maybe drop something into the fundraiser for Plunge, a webzine dedicated to queer women in genre literature.  Fund a few verses of my poem "The Morose Mascot," where two lesbians help a porcupine escape his evil mistress.  [personal profile] kajones_writing has Nadia, a vampire who prefers female partners; in this project characters may be adopted, stories requested, stories sponsored, etc.  ("Morgan - First Feed Part 1" is a Nadia story waiting for sponsorship to become public.)  Looking for a sweet male romance?  Check out "The Less Than Epic Adventures of T.J. and Amal," currently in the running for a Rose & Bay Award in the Webcomic category.  Over in Torn World we have various options including the adorable series about Dini and Lalya by [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon (most of which are public, one waiting for sponsorship) and my story "Owlheart" about Tekura and Osro (also waiting for sponsorship).  There's plenty of romance in alllll combinations in the crowdsource fandom Schrodinger's Heroes. Feel free to play with any of the characters.  "French Military Victories" has male/male romance; it's a crossover fanfic and thus not fundable, but you can read it and giggle.  [personal profile] wonder_city has all kinds of queer characters spanning various superhero soap opera plot threads.

Want more queer romance?  Ask for it in any prompt call where it seems to fit.  (See a list of February crowdfunding projects.)  The February Creative Jam here has a theme of alternative sexualities / QUILTBAG -- my, how timely!  Bring your prompts, your muse, and your money.  Torn World Muse Fusions are always wide open.  [community profile] asexual_fandom is running an asexual romance fest for Valentine's Day, spanning Feb. 7-21; if you like queer romance for its own sake, without expectation of sex, there's an opportunity to celebrate it.  My Poetry Fishbowl this month has a theme of "wild animals" and I'm open to covering any of the thousand or so species that are homoactive.  

Do you run a crowdfunded project?  Consider setting "queer romance" as a theme, or touching on this topic in your ongoing work.

You could also look through the Rose & Bay Award nominees to see which ones have queer content; there are several.

I've thrown out a handful of examples here, stuff I've written or read regularly or remember off the top of my head.  If you write, draw, filk, or otherwise portray queer romance and want to promote your project then please describe it in a comment.  

Romance is for everyone.  In crowdfunding, nobody has to take "you can't play" for an answer.  So let's give the dirty laundry a good steam-cleaning!
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The Arkh Project is building a video game featuring queer people and people of color as characters and designers. It has met the first funding goal for character design and is extending that campaign goal to keep the momentum going. JOB CREATOR!

This is a credible threat to the whitewashed gaming industry. Consequently someone complained about the campaign being discriminatory because it aimed to hire queer people and people of color. I find it very frustrating when advantaged people try to butt in to the very few places that are focused on less advantaged people.

If you are similarly displeased by this attack on job creation in the queer/chromatic community, consider protesting with a donation and/or signal boost for the Arkh Project. Let's make it clear that hiring project-relevant experts, and putting jobs into areas where people often can't find jobs, is a GOOD thing.
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One of my activist friends on Facebook, Terry Hancock, modified the Black March badge to include my message encouraging people to support independent creators. Spend your entertainment budget on material that supports the kind of world you want to live in. 

Bipolar Art

Aug. 8th, 2011 08:26 pm
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I was intrigued by this Kickstarter project to fund artwork and a website raising awareness of bipolar disorder.  You can see the core image on the fundraising page, along with a budget and description of the intended website.  Most of the perks involve postcards or prints of the art.
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 This crossed my desk today...


Brandon H. Bell About 950 Words




 Hail Caesar: Creative Commons and the Small Press

Brandon H. Bell

"*It is not these well-fed long-haired men that I fear, but the pale and the

            --Julius Caesar

1. Write story

2. Get said story published

3. Profit! Karma!

I believe short fiction is important. The small press magazine I edit
(Fantastique Unfettered, aka FU) uses a Creative Commons license, CC-BY-SA*,
for reasons related to this view, and in service to the dual end-goals of
money and karma on behalf of the writers we publish.

Our alignment is not indie against corporate, small against large, or fan
against pro. Those are foolish stances. Our alignment is one against
obscurity**, expressed via a pragmatism that acknowledges money may or
may not follow our good karma. We certainly hope it does: our goal, after
providing quality fiction to our readers, is to pay writers professional
This article will appear in the second issue of FU, but I hope it's not
where you originally read it. You see, it carries the same CC-BY-SA
A Creative Commons, Attribution, ShareAlike license, meaning that others
do pretty much anything they want with the article, but they must give
attribution and release under the same. Each instance of a presentation,
adaptation, or derivative of the article is, essentially, a finger
back at FU. Um, not *that *finger.

The old world-think of walled gardens and content farms suggests the
way forward is copyright extensions, possibly to perpetuity. Our
old-thinkers recognize the current audience is merely the first
It's a numbers game, and while individual creators will not make much to
crow over statistically, the bulk IP of the mass of creators certainly
These Caesars would own human culture, every song a commercial jingle,
myth protected by a (tm).

I'm not an ideologue: I've stated in blog posts that I don't know how
CC-BY-SA scales, and for the Stephen Kings of the world, traditional
copyright may be the only reasonable default for their work. Creative
Commons is a tool, in a toolbox that includes tradition copyright, and I
have no prohibition against the latter (though even if I reach
level, I would ensure my work returns to the culture at some point.)

With Aether Age (our first CC-BY-SA project, a shared world of
Greeks and social revolutions in Egypt) we've made the work immediately
available to the culture. The same is true of FU. The same will be true
my novella, Elegant Threat, to be release in the M-Brane Double #1 later
this year. The New People by Alex Jeffers, the other half of the Double,
will carry a traditional copyright. My first novel may carry a
copyright, depending on the publisher.

Writers deserve to be paid for their work, and we hope that you, dear
reader, will take an active interest in supporting short fiction. If not
then some other venue. As a writer I hope to someday make loads of cash
my craft and to have people bemoan my place on the NYT list. *That
hack,*they'll complain as I laugh my way to the bank. (Yeah, it's a
*writer thing.*) So, a final reminder that our use of Creative Commons
licensing is not purely ideological or a revolt against traditional

Creative Commons licensing does not rob writers of ownership of their
the ability to publish it in anthologies, collections, or even to waive
license to accommodate incoming requests to publish/adapt under other

The license is a tool to reach readers, and to proclaim cultural
to the future. Maybe our work, and work like it, becomes an island of
open/libre culture in a future of copyrighted IP masquerading as culture.
intend to run FU much like a nonprofit (though it isn't a nonprofit), to
profit off the periodical ourselves, but to use any incoming funds to
FU self-sustaining, then better pay our contributors.

CC-BY-SA is a tool for proactively freeing art to the culture, and will
right for some projects, and wrong for others. It is a tool for
karma and reaching more readers. The other CC licenses and traditional
copyright are also valid tools.

While the small press is a valuable part of the greater cultural
big publishers (and big writers) are our heroes. Copyright is,
agnostic, insofar as it allows creators and their families to benefit
their work. The same is true of Creative Commons, and use of CC licenses
does not preclude profitability.

It would be easy to stop there, with that pithy statement ignoring the
challenge we face in obscurity. The small press is a playground for the
the odd, the possibly non-commercial --or not commercial right now--,
niche. The small press bears the responsibility to pursue the mandates of
given niche while striving for a quality of content, presentation, and a
dedication to the idea that if anyone should be hungry and unsatisfied
imitation and shallowness, the merely commercially viable, it is us.

To close on a theme, perhaps our Caesar is that societal voice addressed
those who would participate in the culture, that suggests: *you are a
consumer, only*.

We have come not to praise Caesar, but to bury him.

Please steal this article and post anywhere you like, just provide
attribution and keep it under the same license. Encourage others to do
the same.***




**See the Tim O'Reilly article here

***Use the above link for the general license, attribution: Brandon H. Bell,
editor, Fantastique Unfettered,

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 Woohoo!  [personal profile] wbm has finished the first crowdfunded strip for his new project, now named One Sense, Two Cents.  The two of us collaborated on "Slickery Dickery Schlock," a four-panel strip about the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  [personal profile] wbm is soliciting feedback, and you can still submit ideas for a strip of your own.
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 [personal profile] wbm is doing a trial run of crowdfunded editorial cartoons.  The idea is to let people talk (or rant) about interesting topics, similar to the OpinioNation strip.  At this stage, participation is free, in exchange for your feedback on the results and crowdfunding concept.

Do you have a worthy cause that you like to support?  Are you peeved about a news article you read recently?  Come up with a rough idea for an editorial strip (up to 4 panels) and send it to [personal profile] wbm.
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 My friend Brian is developing a new crowdfunded project.  He plans to do political/editorial similar to his current project "OpinioNation" (nominated for a Rose & Bay Award) ... but the twist is that he'll be illustrating other people's opinions and faces, as a way of attracting donors.  So if you have a favorite cause, look him up and see how this develops.
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I've written another "poke a censor in the eye" post, this one promoting queer art. It's my response to attacks on the Smithsonian's "Hide/Seek" exhibit.

Are you some flavor of queer? Does your crowdfunding project feature queer motifs? Are you a queer patron of the arts, or patron of queer arts? If so, here's an invitation to promote what some people would like to stamp out. Reply with a discussion and/or links, and boost the visibility of sexual diversity.


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