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Hi there

We are trying to promote Rue16, a new anonymous social network.This is a place where you can create new blogs, communities, magazines, albums, diaries, sketches etc. Whatever your creativity guides you to create will hopefully have a place there, if you help us build the community to support it.

You get to control exactly who sees your posts. Choose friends based on common interests. Share pictures, videos and ideas with others who think just like you knowing that your material is your property and yours alone. Allow yourself to be whoever you really are without having to conform to the sometimes constricting expectations of your real life.

Our website is now open and accepting beta testers. Join us and become one of the first founding members of rue 16, a virtual network for a virtual you.

Please, do not hesitate to pass on the word. Any suggestions you may wish to make about new facilities that you'll like us to add to our product, things that aren't working as well as they should, general appearance, etc, will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers! :)
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Here's a project to send one of my friends to Judith Tarr's horse camp for photography and writing research.
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Check out this Kickstarter project to photograph dancers and create a Tarot deck. It's making good progress on donations.
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 Read a progress report about "Hold Something," a project by [personal profile] bodlon that involves photographs, fiction, and other goodies.
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  I've sold another batch of snow photos to Xjenavivex.  If you live in a warm area but need visual references for snowy fields or trees, you might find these useful.  I kind of shot them as a kickback for friends who pipe me images of Florida and New Zealand.

I have a stack of stories in varying stages of completion for Torn World.  One of these, "The Sky Rangers," is already sponsored by Xjenavivex so it will be visible to the public eventually.
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  I started out by posting some sample pictures of ice in sunlight, with notes as to what I had left if people wanted to crowdfund the posting of more photos.

Xjenavivex then sponsored 10 more photos on the subject of snow.  Whee!

So if you've been enjoying the linked photos in my Dreamwidth feed, here are some I actually took myself.  I'm very pleased with this: nature cooperated beautifully on this shoot (from 2-3-11).
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What kinds of perks get your attention and encourage you to dig into your hard-earned cash? I'm trying to figure out how to adapt crowdfunding to my photography and am interested in knowing what people like, what is The Shiny that encourages them to dig in. And what are realistic levels to ask for when you're a budding artist?

You don't have to actively support crowdfunding or photography or crowdfunded photography if you want to answer.

I figure prints are always a possibility. The 2 biggest issues with that right now are cost of postage & getting time to ship (I live in New Zealand) & our printer, while a good photo printer, sometimes puts marks on the back of the paper and I'm afraid this might turn people off.

I like [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's use of posting a few pictures in her journal and then offering to post others if she gets donations. I usually upload my picts to Webshots for people to see/download as screensavers/send as e-cards. I could hold a few prize ones back when I do this and offer to upload them if I get donations. When I upload my Webshots I'll usually upload a few of the better ones to my Weblogimages account and post them in my journal.

I could also see if there's a way create a special album at Webshots and lock it to only certain people. I don't know if it's possible and this would require my audience getting a Webshots account.

Or I could make a special Donor filter and post the picts on that on my DW/LJ.

What are your thoughts?

And come to think of it, how do you make a Paypal donation button?

(ETA: Sorry [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, not sure what tag would fit best for this so I've put networking but feel free to tell me what to change it to!)


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