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I am opening a Giraffe Call Prompt Call with the theme of Autumn, Fall, and Falling.

Funds raised will help me afford the bathroom renovations that I really want.

Prompting is free; tipping gets you more words and more fics.
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I am selling, and calling for prompts for, short stories. Further details at my journal.

Update! [personal profile] dialecticdreamer, as described in the comments or at her journal, is offering more words to the same money! Thank you, [personal profile] dialecticdreamer!
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I've reached the end of scheduled themes for the Creative Jam project.  It's time to brainstorm some new themes!  These are a few that I've jotted down earlier, ones that I've thought up or people have suggested, to give you an idea what kind of stuff might be suitable:

* Trust & Vulnerability
* Hurt/Comfort
* Unicorns

What other themes would you like to explore?  Suggest them in a comment below this post. 

Later on I'll collect the suggestions and do some polling.  The most popular topics will be added to the schedule for future Creative Jams.  

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I am writing stories to donors' prompts at approximately four cents a word, in hopes of quickly raising at least $150 for medication expenses.

If you want to get a feel for how I write before choosing whether to donate, I'm [ profile] EllieMurasaki and also alexconall on Patreon.
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So for the rest of the month, I'm running a Irregular prompt call for the remainder of NaNo/Post-Election Poke-A-Bigot-in-the-Eye (on LJ)!

Come help me get old previous prompts and new prompts written.

New prompts are preferred to be "Poke a Bigot in the Eye" material featuring: some sort of minority characters, Nonviolent resistance, problems that can't be solved by hitting, and/or gentle/fluffy fiction. But I'm also open to using anything I've linked to on the post. :)
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My Summer 2016 Giraffe Prompt Call Round TWO is open now until 9 Eastern time tonight.

The theme for today is "Green Thumbs".

Prompting is free and, if you're a new prompter, you'll get not one but two stories written to your prompts.

ALSO, if you have not prompted in a Giraffe Call before, OR you donate or become a new Patreon, you may ignore the 9 p.m. time limit.

There are donation and "other" tier levels to open up more themes and more days of posting.

Prompting is limited (unless you're new...) and there's a short time window, so get in soon! :-)

Please prompt at my journal so I can keep all the prompts in one place, thanks!
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My Summer 2016 Giraffe Prompt Call is open now for 24 hours.

The theme for today/tomorrow is "When the best answer is FIRE".

Prompting is free and, if you're a new prompter, you'll get not one but two stories written to your prompts.

There are donation and "other" tier levels to open up more themes and more days of posting.

Prompting is limited and there's a short time window, so get in soon! :-)

Edited to add: Please prompt at my journal, thanks!
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I will be opening a one-day Giraffe Call (fiction prompt call) from 9 p.m. Eastern time Sunday 6/26 to 9 p.m. Monday the 27th.

Prompting is free (the theme poll is open now & will stay open at least until 9 tomorrow night) and I will write at least 1 flash-fiction story or beginning to the first 12 prompters.

Extra stories, longer stories, and more days of the prompt call can be earned:

* By being a new prompter or your signal boost bringing in someone new
* By being a new follower of my Dreamwidth or Livejournal ([ profile] aldersprig) blogs
* By becoming a patron of my Patreon.
* By tipping/commissioning more words.

Currently, "Green Thumbs", "When the best answer is FIRE", and "Summer ritual celebrations" are in a 3-day tie for the first day's theme. Go check it out and vote!
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The March prompt post is open at my Patreon! Prompting is open to everyone. This month's theme is illusions and the seeing through of such.

No one else has prompted yet, so if you leave a prompt, chances are very good that your story will be written! Pledging just $1 a month gets you access to all the monthly stories I have written for Patreon.
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I'm selling a number of 3000-word (and potentially longer!) short science fiction/fantasy stories or scenes, inspired by prompts, for $30 each. These funded scenes will become part of the Shared Worlds canon, and the first ten purchased scenes will each be accompanied by a sketch by Oakland-area artist Davin Yant. The purchaser will receive the original sketch on a postcard.

This will raise funds for the Foundations educational system, a San Francisco Bay Area group focused on community-building, personal development, education, and safety within the Alternative Sexuality and Diverse Genders and Sexualities communities.

Read more and purchase a prompt here!

I had a lot of fun with the Shared Worlds prompt call when I did it, and I'm looking forward to what will come from this fundraiser.
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This year, I've opened up prompting at my Patreon to everyone. If you'd like to leave me a prompt, go here to the Patreon prompt post or, if you'd prefer, just comment below! The theme is new beginnings.

As I've only reached the first milestone goal, there will be one story posted this month, and it will only be available to patrons. I'll link to it here if people are interested (and definitely on my journal). You can become one of my patrons for just $1 a month and read all the exclusive stories I post!
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Family of [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith are stranded with SEVERE car trouble FAR from home. I will fill prompts at a penny a word for those who donate to THEIR emergency fund-- all I need is a round number for the amount and a prompt from the individual donors.

Full details (and much clearer ones) are HERE and at Ysabetwordsmith's page HERE.

PLEASE, please consider boosting the signal if you don't have the suggested minimum $5. I will collect prompts at the above link, but feel free to PM me if you don't want to include even a vague financial reference (for word count purposes only!) Prompts will fill in chronological order beginning as soon as my first cup of tea on Sunday morning and going until the slate is cleared.


Aug. 28th, 2015 01:41 am
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I'm doing a prompt call Birdcage again over on my dreamwidth! Please feel free to check it out and leave a prompt. I'm experimenting with an edited writeup that draws more attention to the non-fiction options as well.
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My May Giraffe Call is open! The theme is "Survival".

A Giraffe Call is a prompt call for fiction - leave a prompt and I will write a short fic to that prompt.

Prompting is free, but tip, and I'll write even more words.

Proceeds over $40 go to home improvements - my house is currently short some (interior) walls. I'd like to be done looking at bare studs soon!

(Proceeds under $40 are split between takeout-for-me and commissioning a crowdfunded artist)

Check it out!
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It's that time again! Time for my quarterly Birdcage prompt call. Leave a prompt, get a hundred words free, with more words available for sponsorship!
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For my "work-a-thon" I am doing both a card draw (first card's free) and my quarterly birdcage prompt call (first hundred words are free).
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I'm working through my backlog of prompts from my last prompt call, but I've opened up the December Irregular Prompt Call with a theme of Joy & Connection and prompting will be open until December 25th/Christmas.

Come prompt me and watch for free fiction!
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The prompt post for October is up at my Patreon! The theme is "love & romance." Pledge for $3 or more a month to leave me a prompt. We're just $5 away from a patron-only story being posted!
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I have a prompt call up for this month! It's, not surprisingly, based on the coming holiday--Halloween. Link is here.

Theme is thereby "Ghosts and Spirits," and any tips will go toward making my payments back to my family for insuring/registering my car in my brand new state/city.

Prompting is free, and everyone gets one prompt that I'll write ~150-250 words to. Any signal allows for one more prompt for me to choose from, and potentially write later.

Donations buy more words and potentially more stories, plus other incentive levels.

Go ahead and prompt! I'd love to see you on the site. :)
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Did you know I had a prompt call open? (Here:

The theme is "submissive men, chained men, captive men," and funds earned will go towards making my writing cave a comfy place for writing this winter.

Prompting is free, & I will write a ficlet (~250 words) for everyone who prompts.

Donations buy more words - and open up incentive levels. As of this posting, we're $2US from everyone who prompts getting two stories!

Despite the kinky sound of the theme, stories will be non-sexualy explicet unless you request otherwise (that's for your comfort level, not mine, so if you want sexytimes, do please request!)

Head over and prompt! This one's turning out to be a lot of fun.


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