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I am contributing some original art to a crowdfunded book by the name of Losing Altitude,
which draws much needed attention to the plight of Endangered and Critically Endangered birds.
I am in the company of many wonderful artists, and it would be wonderful
if you could contribute to this project.
There will be hard-cover and soft-cover versions, with wonderful full bleed artwork and infographics, and depending on how much you pledge
you can get one with some extra awesome goodies.
Or you can just give a few dollars and wait for the book to come out! :)


Two of my pieces in the book:

Swift Parrot

Photo and scan under the cut. )

Puerto Rican Amazons

Photo and scan under the cut. )
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Scientists are turning to the public for funding their projects. Do you think the government has dropped the ball on science? YOU can pick it up! Choose from numerous projects. Check out the blog, especially the article on how to crowdfund scientific research. Some of those tips -- do something people will care about, make your message easy to understand, prime the pump with your friends -- are applicable to other types of crowdfunding too.
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  I'm fascinated (and somewhat disturbed) by the "Bookstore Observations" article by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Apparently Barnes & Noble is drastically reducing the amount of floorspace allotted to actual books, as opposed to games or coffee or e-readers or other stuff.  I like having more format variety because ebooks reach some folks who dislike paper books.  But I wouldn't want to do that at the cost of being able to walk into a bookstore and enjoy a massive selection of paper books ... and that's the way the market is heading.

Also, check out the donation button!  This article is crowdfunded nonfiction, which isn't very common, and it's very detailed and very well thought-out.  If you're into writing, reading, or publishing at all then please consider tipping the writer.
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Eseme has been guest-blogging in my journal a series on Getting Your Self-Published Book into a Library.

The posts can be found here:


Part One, How Libraries Buy Books

Part Two, Donating Your Book to a Library

Part Three, Ebooks in Libraries

Part Four, Author Events at Libraries


Part Five, Not Actually About Libraries
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 Woohoo!  [personal profile] wbm has finished the first crowdfunded strip for his new project, now named One Sense, Two Cents.  The two of us collaborated on "Slickery Dickery Schlock," a four-panel strip about the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  [personal profile] wbm is soliciting feedback, and you can still submit ideas for a strip of your own.
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I'm a big fan of nonfiction crowdfunding, especially news -- it's a terrific way to get around the corporate-owned media. Check out The Sunrise People over on Kickstarter.

The Sunrise People is a 30-minute documentary that tells the story of the Atakapa-Ishak through the eyes of the Philippe family. The film tracks Rosina Philippe's exploration of the importance of place with regard to her culture, as well as the devastating effects of the BP oil disaster and the history of oil extraction in the Gulf Coast, which is threatening the environment and the survival of her people and culture.

Sadly I am brokeass broke this week, but I will do what I can by boosting the signal for this project. I remember reading earlier that, of all the people who got shafted by the BP disaster, the tribal people living along the coast got hit extra hard. (The authorities just wanted to run them off their land. Again.) So I would really like to see this documentary explore history-in-action down there. This is what journalism is really all about, or should be. Please help by pitching in or at least passing the word.
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 Spot Us News celebrates its second year.  Whatever kind of news interests you, it's probably on there somewhere -- and you can donate to promote investigation of issues that matter to you.


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