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Read about the results and runoffs for the 2015 Rose & Bay Awards.

The February voting period is now closed for the 2015 Rose & Bay Awards. These are the results. See below for runoff polls to break the ties; this round of polling will close at the end of March 7 and results should post on March 8 or thereabouts.

Congratulations to the winners!
The winner is "Icon Day" by Tod Wills aka [personal profile] djinni.

There is a tie between "Long Hidden" by Rose Fox and Daniel Jose Older, editors, Bart Leib, publisher; and "Stories from the Crossroads" by [profile] thebonesofferalletters .

There is a tie between "The Great Indian Poetry Collective" Shikha Malaviya, Minal Hajratwala, and Ellen Kombiyil; and "A Bird is not a Stone: Palestinian poetry in translation" by Sarah Irving.

The winner is "Humon Comics" by Humon.

Other Project:
There is a tie between "Bingo Card Generator" by [personal profile] magibrain  and "Schrodinger's Heroes" by Elizabeth Barrette aka [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith.

The winner is Sarah Williams aka [personal profile] dialecticdreamer , patron of the Poetry Fishbowl.

You can review the previous posts from this award season:
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Poetry: [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith Nominate poetry! Vote for poetry!
Webcomic: [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith Nominate webcomics! Vote for webcomics!
Other Project: [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith Nominate other projects! Vote for other projects!
Patron: [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith Nominate patrons! Vote for patrons!
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I know, I posted about this already. I hope it's okay to repost. I don't plan on spamming these communities. I just wanted to try asking one more time. There are some updates and stuff.

The Goblins Card Game Kickstarter is going along very nicely. Already triple funded. I hear they're considering adding some new rewards (digital goodies and stuff for even the lower tiers), but we'll have to see how that goes.

Here's the thing: If they can hit 4000 backers, they'll send Thunt, the author of Goblins, to NY ComicCon. Thunt is a very cool guy. I'm lucky to be able to call him a friend. But he lives all the way up near Vancouver, 3000 miles away. I don't get to see him often. (Disabilities + Internet = awesome friends around the globe + very little chance to hang out with any of them in person.) If you can help the project hit 4000 backers (by chipping in even just a dollar or two, and maybe asking friends who can spare it to do the same), you'll be doing me a personal favor.

I should also mention that the game, which looks like a lot of fun, is explained better now. There's a new video on the Kickstarter page, under "description of gameplay." Evertide Games is still fairly new at this Kickstarter thing, but they're listening to the fans and responding. And they've clearly put a lot of love and meticulous care into the game. Not just in keeping it true to the comic, but in striving to create a game that will be so fun to play on its own merits that it will be able to draw in new fans and readers.

So check it out. If you haven't already, give Goblins Comic a look. It's an engaging story with a wide cast of developed characters and a good blend of humor, action, drama, and strong character moments.
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Girl Genius Kickstarter was incredibly successful, and I'm really happy to see that. But now it's time for another webcomics Kickstarter! (I don't know of any others coming up that I'm really excited about, so I won't be spamming the comms. Don't worry.)

The Goblins Comic card game Kickstarter is live!

The Goblins comic is awesome. Thunt is awesome. Evertide games is awesome. The game looks awesome. They've put in a lot of cool things. It's clear that they love the game more than anyone. They've been very cool in reaching out to fans. And they've been very good to Thunt, which gets big points in my book.

So check it out. If you can, chip in. It should be a lot of fun, and it's cool to support such awesome people.
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Hi there, [community profile] crowdfunding crowd. I'm Paul. I'm a donor. I enjoy crowdfunding because I like helping make good things happen. Really, it's the best feeling in the world. It's also cool to be a part of a larger project. And seeing regular people come together to make possible what established structures can't or won't support. It can also be a great way for a reader to give back to the creators.

In the past, I've supported campaigns to help spread science education and enthusiasm about science, create a documentary about Israeli and Palestinian children learning to dance together and overcome prejudices in the process, online friends make it through lean times, charitable organizations expand and spread the word, build and publicize the "Ground Zero Mosque" (which is not at Ground Zero and is not a mosque), build a statue of Robocop in Detroit, publish books that I'd like to read, and more.

Two of my all-time favorite webcomics are running Kickstarter campaigns. One is about to end, and the other is about to begin.

First up, Girl Genius.

The Girl Genius Kickstarter ends this week. It's blown through two batches of stretch goals and is steaming ahead to the final one. Pledge now, and you'll receive PDFs of the entire run, including plenty of bonus content. If you've never read the comic, I guarantee it's worth it. If you have read the comic, it's a great way to reread, refresh your memory, and relive the awesomeness.

They're at about $284k now. If they can hit $300k, they'll be able to hire someone to help manage the business. Which means expanding into new territory. Which means even more Girl Genius awesomeness making the world more awesome with the power of its awesome. I really want to see that happen. Because it would be awesome.

Meanwhile, Goblins has hit some snags lately. They had to part with their publisher/webhost and it got kind of messy for a while there. But Thunt, being a better man than I (which I do not say often or lightly), has refused to badmouth the other side, has publicly apologized for his part of the stressful and difficult situation, and has called for his fans to stay positive.

The Goblins/Evertide Games Kickstarter, which was delayed due to the whole kerfuffle, starts Monday. It's for a card game based on the comic. And it looks really cool. So keep an eye out for that.

(Crossposted to my journal and [community profile] webcomics.)
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Nominee badges are now available for the 2013 Rose & Bay Awards. If you have been nominated, please claim the badge(s) for the relevant category.

Have you made your nominations yet? We still need more nominees in all categories! See the 2013 landing page for links to all the nomination pages for the six categories.
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September 25 is National Comic Book Day. Start planning your crowdfunded or other activities in support of webcomics and comics in general. Here are some things you might do ...

* Make your webcomic public for the day, if it's usually reserved for subscribers.
* Post extra content to your webcomic or comic-themed story.
* Post a short funny to your blog.
* Give away a free hardcopy or ebook comic.
* Recommend your favorite online or hardcopy comics to other folks.
* Make a list of your favorite crowdfunded webcomics to use when nominations open for the Rose & Bay Awards.
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I'm pleased to announce that the winner of the 2012 Rose & Bay Award for Best Webcomic is "Gunnarkrigg Court" by Tom Siddell. Visit the cast page for a guide to this full-color school comic.

This is the original nomination:

Project Title: "Gunnerkrigg Court"
Creator Name: Tom Siddell
Link: http://www.gunnerkrigg.com
Category: Webcomic.
Summary: Gunnerkrigg Court is a webcomic set in a very odd English boarding school where technology and magic interact. The two main characters are schoolgirls, best friends; one is psychically gifted and the other excels with technology. The supporting cast includes gods, robots, demons, ghosts, animals, fairies, elves, elementals, teenagers, and teachers. The plot is indescribably complex, but extremely engaging. The comic updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

There were 8 nominees and 105 voters in the Webcomic category for 2012. To learn more about the Rose & Bay Awards honoring excellence in cyberfunded creativity, please visit the 2012 landing page.
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I found these IndieGoGo comic projects interesting:

"DEAD MOON: In The Beginning"
BY: Raymond Dowaliby
Everything has a beginning...

BY: Daniel Boyd
An epic graphic novel of gods, monsters and evil coal barons.

Comixiade: The Book
BY: Platform Spartak
A dazzling compilation of all comic art created during the Comixiade-project.
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This award recognizes excellence in cyberfunded creativity aka crowdfunding. Visit the 2012 Rose & Bay Award landing page for full details.

The nomination period is open through January 31, so we're halfway through that Here are the nomination posts for all six categories and their current numbers of nominations:

Art: 6
Fiction: 5
Poetry: 2
Webcomic: 2
Other Project: 4
Patron: 5

Nominations are still on the low side. I'd like to see the nominations surpass what we got in 2011, which were Art (6), Fiction (18), Poetry (4), Webcomic (11), Other Project (10), and Patron (12). Poetry and Webcomics are the lowest. Try looking for poetry book projects on Kickstarter if you need ideas. Webcomics are really popular and there's a list of archives on the nomination page. Patron is gaining a bit. There are many creators in this community -- if everyone would nominate at least one of their own patrons for their projects, this category would be thriving.

You can also help by boosting the signal. Post about the award and encourage your audience to come nominate projects.
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 Here is the latest installment of the webcomic OpinioNation.  This is a cyberfunded project.
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 Check out this discussion of crowdfunding theory, which deals with webcomics.


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