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My friend Holly ([personal profile] hollymath) is writing a book about being an immigrant. Holly has lived in the UK for many years as an immigrant and has written poignant posts on the subject, as can be seen the foreignness tag on her DW.

The Kickstarter for her book, Duel for Citizenship, can be found here. The target goal is just over the cost of an individual adult UK citizenship application, which will be £1005 as of 6 April 2016. Most levels of support include a copy of the book as an incentive.
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Lindsay Buroker reports how she went about selling advance reading copies of her latest book, and I thought that might be of interest for some people here.
MeiLin Miranda mentions she's using eARCs as Kickstarter rewards.
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The big news from this weekend is that Lorelei's kickstarter project has exceeded its goal! Many, many thanks to everyone who has supported us! We have enough now for a basic print run, but the project is open until February 11, and we can still use all the pledges we can get! Additional funds will go toward shipping your rewards, better quality printing, and book promotion.
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It was an exciting weekend for the Lorelei kickstarter project! After a strong start, pledges had tapered off considerably, as often happens toward the middle of this kind of project. As of Friday it was halfway through the allotted time, and just 36% of the way to its goal. It didn't go up by much on Saturday, and Mike and I were getting just a teensy bit nervous.

Well, on Saturday night, a patron who chooses to remain anonymous contacted us with a generous offer: they will match all pledges and increases in pledges made in the next week, up to a total of $3000. The announcement yesterday morning prompted a flurry of activity, and I'm happy to say that we are back on track! Sunday saw an increase of over $1600, and the current total stands at $5104 out of $9000. That means we need just a little over one thousand dollars in new pledges over the rest of this week to make it to our goal!

In related news, Lorelei's friend Tanuki Jiro now has his own facebook page! Lorelei herself also has a page, in case you haven't seen it. :)

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The Kickstarter project for Lorelei has a Dream has now raised $2931, from 62 backers. Sincere thanks to everyone who has pledged so far, and to everyone who has helped spread the word! We still have $6069 to go, and 19 days to do it in so please keep sharing the link!

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  Hunt Press is at $512 of $1500 (according to the IndieGoGo page), so about 38% of goal (according to Quennessa).  A new office-quality computer will make it possible for them to produce more books, since they keep wearing out home-quality computers.  You can help by boosting the signal and/or making a donation.  Support small press and innovative writing.  And remember, this is the publisher who wants to print a hardcopy of "The Origami Mage" when the series concludes.
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 Quennessa has posted an update for crowdfunding the Hunt Press computer. Donations are at $277 of $1500 according to the [info]crowdfunding post, but the IndieGoGo post says $442 so it looks like more money fell into the jar. Remember, this is the press that wants to publish a hardcopy of "The Origami Mage" series when that's done, so new equipment means better goodies for you.
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  Hunt Press has raised $262, which is 17% of what they need to buy a new computer for publication needs.  Please support small, independent press by making a donation and/or boosting the signal.  Read more on the LiveJournal Crowdfunding post or on the IndieGoGo page.
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This post has links to all the great installments by Eseme. If you are a book author, this is relevant to you.
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Eseme has been guest-blogging in my journal a series on Getting Your Self-Published Book into a Library.

The posts can be found here:


Part One, How Libraries Buy Books

Part Two, Donating Your Book to a Library

Part Three, Ebooks in Libraries

Part Four, Author Events at Libraries


Part Five, Not Actually About Libraries
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 My friend [profile] quennessa is doing a crowdfunding drive to buy a new computer for Hunt Press, which is growing from a micropress to a small press.  You may recall that this is the publisher who wants to publish a hardcopy of the "Origami Mage" poetry series when that story arc is complete.  Please support small press by donating or boosting the signal.  This is your alternative to mainstream publishing's endless shelves of McFantasy.

I sympathize with the tale of the beaten-to-death computers, by the way.  With me it's printers.  I killed a number of desktop printers before I started buying ones made for small office use.  My current one is a Brother which is about one cubic foot in size, holds most of a package of paper in its drawer, and does duplex printing.  <3  I never want to do without duplex again.
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 This publisher, Double Feature Press, has set up a Kickstarter project to fund a series of half-and-half books featuring two authors.  Genre focus is "science fiction, strange tales, and horror" -- the kind of stuff you'd see at a drive-in movie, basically.


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