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While hunting for resources for this weekend's Crowdfunding Creative Jam with its "Disabled Characters" theme, I stumbled across a splendid new crowdfunding project. "Hellwatch" by Larime Taylor is a supernatural horror novella series, initially crowdfunded through Kickstarter. The structure resembles that of a television series, which is a cool approach for serial fiction. The first episode can be downloaded free; the next two, funded by the Kickstarter project, will appear in January and February. More are planned.

What makes this awesome? The characters. I fell in love with them just from the descriptions, and tracked down the story based on that. They are Ester Vasquez, a hacker-come-demon hunter in a wheelchair; and Sammy Lutui, her live-in care provider and assistant demon hunter. Ester's ancestors came from Chile and Sammy is Samoan. Sammy is also gay. Together they kick much ass. They have guns and knives and metaphysical science. Illustrations are in the article, and they are vividly evocative. Accurate characterization is guaranteed on account of the author/artist being in a wheelchair (with a more severe version of Ester's condition) and living with other disabled folks.

I really enjoyed the pilot episode. It's a bit slow to start, as the first couple pages of the story introduce the characters and a lot of background information. (You know how the first few minutes of a pilot go.) Once the conflict is introduced -- a demon possessing a young boy -- both the pacing and the tension pick up considerably. The author makes good use of the novella length, laying out a vigorous double-peaked plot with a major confrontation first in Mexico and then again at home. The description is detailed and gripping. I particularly admire the rendition of demonic entities: ruthless, suave, devastating, atavistic, and generally creeptastic. The hairs on the back of my neck gave them a standing ovation. Highly recommended.

So, go read the scary story with the awesome heroes. See the nifty art. If you can spare it, send a donation -- details for that are on the art FAQ page.
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Check out "Doing Something, Part Two" for more thoughts on establishing a professional weblit review site. In case you missed the original, read "Doing Something, Part One."
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Haikujaguar has posted a review of the fantasy novel Lovers and Beloveds: An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom.  This story began as a weblit serial and has since been revised for hardcopy.  The hardcopy edition was entirely crowdfunded, paying not only the author but also an artist, editor, and layout designer.  Go, team!


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