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Hi all! Chanter of the orange!verse series of the Schrodinger's Heroes project here, among other things. I've got a specific need that I'd love to have filled by a fellow crowdfunding-connected person. Before I get into that, mods, if this is entirely inappropriate for the comm, feel free to delete this post or tell me to delete it, whichever you'd rather.

Anyway. I have, as part of the orange!verse, a character who is sexually female, agender, low femme in presentation preference, and just figuring these variables out for themself. They are also Latin@ - originally I would have said Latina, but the feminine ending of that descriptor does not work with a nonbinary person. I know, why is the dumpy white lady writing this character? Attempting to write a diverse cast without telling stories I have no right to tell... is kind of where I'm going here, at least tangentially. I really do *not* want to goof this character up - I don't want to goof any of my characters up! The thing is, as a CIS female, I freely admit I have zero experience outside the gender binary, and this character's realization of their nonbinary status is very important to both their personal story and their wider world, at least as their viewpoint is colored by what's familiar/accepted in their wider world.

... Wow, was that long-winded enough? Anyhow! I'll just spit it out. I could really use a beta reader for, especially, the gender issues in this character's arc. I thought I'd ask here because I've been warned not to automatically think my friends should be my go-to beta readers, and I do not want to rely on google or wikipedia when it comes to a very personal, first-person narrative. As compensation goes, I am entirely willing to split the proceeds of stories involving this character with a beta reader. None of said stories are quite finished yet, though one is close.

... Um? If anyone is interested in any of that lot, feel free to comment or send a message. *does not end that sentence with a question mark!*
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