May. 9th, 2017

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It's been a while since I posted here, so I wanted to write a quick update, to let anyone who does read my work know what's going on. There has been a recent mass update. Almost everything that was finished has now been posted. I am still working out a world for one story I want to go up, and I kept a couple back to give me something to post this week. I also do still have Case to post, but that's probably going to be something to do this weekend - as well as finishing off the current book. Then I'm going to decide how to finish off the story.

This mass update means there are a lot more stories to read. I've been working a lot on getting things finished, and trying not to start too many new things... only plot bunnies are mean. :D Some continuations are also being written, because I do know how things are meant to go, but, like I'm sure is the case for everyone, finding time to get everything done is more complicated. I do, as I always did, have my tip jars up, so if you do enjoy reading what I write donations are appreciated. I also have a subscription page, if you want an easy way to give me a monthly donation.

When it comes to the plans I have for the website I am interested in doing a number of things. One of those things is putting up audio for the stories, even though I absolutely hate the sound of my own voice when it's recorded, because I really want the stories to be as accessible as possible. Along with that I am planning on getting some ebooks done, although that's going to take longer. When it comes to the ebooks I want them to have fully completed story lines in. Then I also want to get working on some basic maps. I need to know where things are, especially with some of the more complicated worlds. Along with that I'm thinking of trying out some of my own artwork, which may or may not happen.

If you have some spare time come visit me. I'd love to see you. :)


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